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Now as the name suggests, I am going to share the inspirational stories of eminent individuals and group of individuals who are working to bring up a positive change in the world with their quality work backed up with the thought of making a difference!

With these stories, I want to give you tons of reasons for either keeping up your good work or starting with one that you have in mind for years but due to under confidence, societal mentality and lots of mental barriers you didn’t gather the courage to go with it.

So, keep your spirit high, become worthy and achieve the greatness you deserve!

So whose story is it all about?

The name is Mr Satyajit Banerjee.

He is a YouTuber & a social media content creator, where he shares his life lessons to spread awareness in the audience about a better, efficient, productive & a good way of living life.

He greets his audience as “Good humans” because he feels that everyone is a good human being and can be one even if they feel they aren’t!

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, it is!

You certainly should give a try watching his content!

This story is an extract of an interaction I had with him. (Of course, on a video call lol! But I will surely meet him personally one day!)

Now to keep it simple, impactful & easy to interpret by you, I have formulated the story in question & answer format.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Tell us something about yourself and whom do you see when you face yourself in the mirror, every morning?

I am Satyajit Banerjee. I was born and brought up in Kolkata. Furthermore, I have done my under graduation in Civil Engineering from Kolkata itself.

However, I am not much inclined to work in a Civil engineering profession. I love writing, and so I am working to improve my skills as a content writer and a content creator.

When I was in college, I started making videos on YouTube. But because of the shortage of time, I was not able to post them regularly!

I love playing cricket. I have played till state-level championship and as a child, dreamt of becoming a cricketer!

But because of cricket being a high expense sport including practice sessions, travels, etc. my pockets were not allowing me to stretch for that.

Moreover, the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak put a complete brake on it for the entire year of 2020.

So, after that, I decided to start focusing on content creation and resumed making YouTube videos and also social media.

But I haven’t given up on cricket yet!

I play whenever I get time.

Now speaking about whom do I see on the mirror every day,

“I see the new me stretching his hands towards me to climb & reach his level!”


Tell us something about your brand; Grownup Tales and the reason behind selecting this name.

Grownup Tales is the name of my YouTube Channel, and all the social media handles where I replicate my content.

The reason for choosing this name was the practice of listening to stories when we were young.

I hope many people can relate to the fact that the stories that we have listened to in our childhood have given us tons of life lessons and have helped us to mould our ‘code of ethics’.

So, I wanted to replicate the same phenomenon with my content where I wanted people of today to build a strong foundation of their ethics that can help them to live a happy, fulfilled, grateful and productive life.

So, as we call ourselves “grownups” when we cross the mark of 18 years and for telling stories to them,

I have kept the name of my brand as “Grownup Tales”.

What’s the niche of your brand, and what’s the plan to do in future with it?

I started with storytelling where I used to make videos on people’s lives who are legends in their field, for example, Major Dhyan Chand, MS Dhoni, Zakir Khan, Nas (From NAS Daily) and many more and frame the moral of the story with their life lessons which the audience can apply in their lives.

Now and in the future, I am teaching the methods which these legends have followed and what I have learned through failures in my life.  

And by using the combo effect of this, the audience can adapt to become better, both; personally & professionally. So this defines my niche!

To speak in a nutshell,

“I started my story with WHAT & now I am moving forward with HOW!”

Now here is a very vital question for you that has troubled me personally as well.

Today’s world works on “trending topics” because of which there resides a pressure in everybody, especially youth, to do what is trending. 

What the crowd is doing, whom are they following, what they are talking about and most importantly, what content are they watching? So, what is your view on it! Is it good or bad? 

If good then why and if bad then how can we act wisely in the trending driven world of today? 

Woof! That’s a heavy blow man!

But to be very honest, there is not a straight answer to this question.

Because you see, trend practice was also there in the pre-internet world.

So, it’s not something that the internet has given birth to. However, it has accelerated it without a doubt!

So, in the world of today, everybody needs to be very cautious of the content they consume.

The reason being, every time, the trending content is not worthy of consuming.

So, we should use our mind and preference while consuming any content irrespective of people’s opinion.

Like I have many contents which my friends have recommended to me.

But it doesn’t top my list of priorities, and so I keep them on “Watch Later mode”. Because at the end of the day,

If you are not consuming trending content, that means you are giving time to the content which you feel worthy for you & your life!

Tell me about researching for a content piece or script. 

Because in my view, that’s the hardest, tedious and least interesting part of any form of content creation. So how do you approach it? 

Well,  I 100% agree with your viewpoint.

Now to answer your question, I focus on two things:

1) Relevance          2) Validation

Whatever content I research, I always keep the relevance in my mind to which maximum audience can relate with.

Like what the majority of them are facing, what is the toughest nut to crack etc.

What are the solutions that can be discussed and to back them up with gravity?

I focus on facts along with references so that the audience can develop the necessary amount of trust on it and give it their honest try!

When you write content, what do you think is the importance of sharing your personal story? 

Well, it holds a lot of importance because there is a mysterious image-building activity going on in the audience when they watch your content.

Like when a content creator, like me, makes a video on a problem, let’s say, Inferiority Complex, then he/she records what is necessary, skim off what went off, and present it with the highest amount of confidence & energy they have in them.

Now if the creator doesn’t share his/her personal story on it and the audience watches it, they feel like this guy/girl either talking about the problem he/she hasn’t faced in life or if they did, then they are free from its clutches now!

So, in a nutshell, they idolize the creator as an ‘elite human being’ who knows everything and can do everything.

And because of which they start forgetting the fact that he/she is a human being as well, and they also have a normal life as the audience does!

This whole chaos makes it difficult for the audience to connect with the content on a deeper level which is important for the 100% application of the proposed solution.

Now contrary to this, if he/she shares their personal story along with the solution, then the audience can develop a better human connection with them, and it helps them to try and experiment it in their own lives.

And it’s important because nothing can be a better teacher other than our own experience & learnings!

Now comes the Soul’s Special Question!

Imagine, if I give you a supernatural power called “The Power to Revive”. Then, what will be the experience, moment, tradition or species of plant or animal (that has gone extinct or vanished from today) that you’ll revive with this supernatural power? 

I have two wishes on which I would use this superpower.

ONE, To bring MS Dhoni back on cricket ground!

TWO, To bring the beautiful experience of playing outdoor games from the 90s era in today’s world.

Because it wrecks my heart when I see young kids, stuck in their tech gadgets instead of playing outdoors.

So, I would like to bring that culture back to life!

That’s all for this interaction with our Good Human! I hope you have had a great experience while reading this interview article because I had when I had this beautiful conversation with him.

Moreover, I wish that you have inherited valuable insights for building your code of ethics.  And to give it a top-notch quality, do watch the content of Grownup Tales.

You’ll love it!

You can catch it up through the following links:

YouTube Channel: Grown Up Tales – YouTube

Instagram Handle: Satyajit Banerjee (@grownuptales) • Instagram photos and videos

And also let me know about your views on this story. Share your story in the comment section. I am all years!


Thank you very much!

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe 

Written By: 

Uttam Kumar Tamboli 

Environment Activist & Writing Enthusiast



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